Vendor Promotion File Requirements

1. File Type: PDF Required
DO NOT send jpg, tiff, bmp, or any image-based files.
We will also accept Microsoft Word or Excel files.

2. Size: 8.5” x 11”
NO BLEEDS. 7.75” x 10.25” safety area.
Vertical/Portrait orientation.

3. Color: RGB or CMYK
Minimum 300PPI images. Convert Pantone (spot) colors to either RGB or CMYK.
Balance white and color areas; avoid placing color over the entire page.

4. Graphics: Keep Simple
Photographic images should be placed at 100% of size, JPG file type (RGB or CMYK).
Avoid large images behind text, which increases file size and reduces readability.
Avoid creating clipping paths around images; place your images inside rectangular or
circular boxes that don’t require a complex path, which increases file size.

5. Embed Images and Fonts
Fonts will be replaced with the another font if they are not embedded.

6. Limit Number of Fonts and Number of Layers
Universal fonts (Arial, Helvetica, Times, etc.) are preferred.
Font size no less than 9 point.

7. Saving the File
Save the PDF at the highest resolution with maximum compression.
If your file is greater than 1MB, review the tips above.

Please email the final PDF to: Marcia Landau at



Graphics for Show Book Pages

Click the images below to download.